RANSOM at Wayfarers, Opening Nov. 9th

On August 12, 2013 by JF Lynch

ransom at wayfarers

RANSOM at Wayfarers

ransom at wayfarers

I know November 9th is a while a way, but if you read on you’ll understand why this show will take three months to put together…

I will be joining approximately 249 other artists to participate in in Wayfarers’ clever group show: RANSOM: Opening Saturday November 9th, 2013.

The group at Wayfarers Studio Program in Brooklyn have composed a very short story (250 words) for their exhibition Ransom. They have also enlisted 250 artists from all over the country. Each artist has been assigned one word from the story to legibly render in whatever two-dimensional manner they see fit, (drawing, painting, collage, banana peel etc.)anything! as long as it is  below 8.5″ x 11″ in size.

While I do not envy the people responsible for actually having to hang the 250 small works that will constitute this show, I am very excited to see this executed this coming November.

SPOILER ALERT: I  have to admit that I was hoping that chance (or whatever process Wayfarers used) would grant me the assignment of some mundane article to augment; I think “an” would have been fun. Alas, I was given a seven-letter word to fit in under eleven inches, but I like a challenge. Perhaps I will let you know what it is… perhaps.

Wayfarers is located at 1109 Dekalb Avenue, Brooklyn NY 11221  http://brooklynwayfarers.org/

I’m sure there will be more info to come



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