I see this series, called NEVERMIND, as the logical counterpoint to my Word Drawings – where illusionistic drawing and writing overlap.

Said most simply, this series is about digging for the precise point where the act of writing becomes the act of drawing.

When one writes on a piece of paper that paper as an object ultimately conveys more than the words that are written. Erasures, stray marks, small mistakes and even placement of the text on the paper all accumulate to a meaning that is greater than the original word was intended to convey. Here I have limited myself to a few simple elements: charcoal, eraser, and a specific paper to keep all other distractions away. I spend time focusing on a word or phrase- usually derived from some innocuous personal or overhead conversation- and draw it over and over again until the drawing becomes something more than the written word.  Each drawing presented here stood out over scores of failures.






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