Untitled Installation – 2013 – 2014

With this installation I wanted to make a drawing that could dominate a physical space and make the room it was displayed in part of a picture. After some thought I decided that if I could somehow flatten the corner of a room – where the a room is most clearly defined-  then I could blur the lines between the picture and the space. This piece is made of charcoal on cut paper along with various common household materials – including vinyl tiles and latex paint. It was originally created during my residency at the Contemporary Arts Center at Woodside in Troy, NY and reprised for the group show Kiki Bouba curated by John Jerome O’Connor at Sarah Lawrence College. With each new installation the piece is redefined and further interrogates what separates the media of drawing, sculpture and site-specifiic installation.

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Installation at Contemporary Arts Center at Woodside in Troy, NY 2013



Installation at Kiki Bouba, 2014


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