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20th Jun

BRAND NEW WEBSITE + Residency pics!

So here’s the deal:A lot has happened  since 9.12.12 (my most recent entry at the time of writing this). There have been a lot of ups and a lot of downs: some groups shows, some hurricanes, some auctions, some floods, some studio parties and some gallery closings. and most of this has been announced on […]

25th Apr

I’ll be residing at C.A.C Woodside!

I am super-psyched to to announce that for the last two weeks in May I will be taking up residency at the Contemporary Arts Center at Woodside in Troy NY. This neo-gothic Church has been preserved to house 8 artists at any given time. I look forward to seeing what happens to my work under […]

15th Apr

Wed. May 1: Benefit for the Brooklyn Symphony Orchestra

I will have a drawing available at this auction, you should come and buy it.

10th Mar

Bushwick Art Crit Group

I’d like to thank Christopher Stout for inviting me to present at the inaugural meeting of the Bushwick Art Crit Group http://blog.artsinbushwick.org/post/49787193337/new-bushwick-art-crit-group-offers-valuable-support I’m this guy over here.

16th Dec

Letter Portraits at Times Sq Art Square

In a life of art making, strange moments occur.

15th Aug

Sept 8 & 9: It’s GO time!

Huge Brooklyn-wide art event is coming up, and it’s all thanks to the Brooklyn Museum.

13th Jul

All My Old Posts!

current status: boring

05th May

Bushwick Open Studios 2012

FYI: beer

02nd Feb

Group Show at Fowler Arts in Feb.

Hey friends, I have been created an enormous, 13 foot drawing specially for this exhibition. it’s gonna be crazy.

18th Jan

SOPA/PIPA Blackout

On January 18th www.jflynch.com participated in the internet blackout protest of SOPA and PIPA. All art images were hidden and other content was either blocked by a black bar or displayed the following message: – ALL IMAGES AND CONTENT ON THIS WEBSITE HAVE BEEN BLOCKED. -SOPA/ PIPA https://www.google.com/landing/takeaction/ _ A few words regarding my decision […]