20th Sep

Artist Solidarity: a Bushwick Art Crit Group exhibition

Opening Friday, September 27
7 – 10PM
Brooklyn Fire Proof

One week from today will be the opening reception for what I presume can only be an incredibly eclectic display of artworks that expresses many of the highlights of the “Bushwick Art Scene” –as the kids are calling it these days. Artist Solidarity: a BACG group show

20th Jun

Arts in Bushwick came by to visit!

Thanks for the shout-out, Nicole Durbin of Arts in Bushwick!

10th Mar

Bushwick Art Crit Group

I’d like to thank Christopher Stout for inviting me to present at the inaugural meeting of the Bushwick Art Crit Group http://blog.artsinbushwick.org/post/49787193337/new-bushwick-art-crit-group-offers-valuable-support I’m this guy over here.

05th May

Bushwick Open Studios 2012

FYI: beer