08th Nov

RANSOM Opening Tomorrow Night!

Opening tomorrow night at Brooklyn Wafarers is RANSOM. A story written in over 300 original artworks. Find out more here.

20th Sep

Artist Solidarity: a Bushwick Art Crit Group exhibition

Opening Friday, September 27
7 – 10PM
Brooklyn Fire Proof

One week from today will be the opening reception for what I presume can only be an incredibly eclectic display of artworks that expresses many of the highlights of the “Bushwick Art Scene” –as the kids are calling it these days. Artist Solidarity: a BACG group show

12th Aug

RANSOM at Wayfarers, Opening Nov. 9th

I know November 9th is a while a way, but if you read on you’ll understand why this show will take three months to put together…

11th Jul

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16th Dec

Letter Portraits at Times Sq Art Square

In a life of art making, strange moments occur.

18th Jan

SOPA/PIPA Blackout

On January 18th www.jflynch.com participated in the internet blackout protest of SOPA and PIPA. All art images were hidden and other content was either blocked by a black bar or displayed the following message: – ALL IMAGES AND CONTENT ON THIS WEBSITE HAVE BEEN BLOCKED. -SOPA/ PIPA https://www.google.com/landing/takeaction/ _ A few words regarding my decision […]

16th Jan

Portrait of the Artist as a New Yorker #308

Thanks to Marc Landas of Portrait of the Artist as a New Yorker for stopping by and including me. I am unnamed artist #308. but shhhh

01st Jan

I curated this show at Botanic

and it’s amazing